Casment Door

casment door


One of the most popular UPVC window styles, the casment windows offer the maximum unobstructed view of out side. It feaures a sash that is hunged from the side on an outer frame and can open inwards r outwards, to the left right, allowing maximun flow of air into the room. Extermel energy efficient when closed, this casment window comes in varied designs like side hung, top hung etc.


Strong insulation and highly energy-efficient.

Dual sealing to help keep out sound dust and air pollution.

Good quality hardware that doesn't rust or corrode.

Multi-point locking hardware that doesn't rust or corrode.

Double-/triple glazing choices for much better energy and sound insulation.

Protects towards rain water leakage and storms.

Available in number of designs, colors and hardware Customized dimensions available.

Sliding Door



Sliding windows features two(or more) horizontally sashes installed with rollers in the bottom for swift sideways movements on tracks. Faster and easier to operate, they are good for air flow and breathtaking view. A well known option for modern designed homes sliders bring flair to the room while satisfying its fenestration requirement.


Increase air flow as sashes be moved right or left Reduced friction in between rollers and track for smooth sliding movement.

Available in number of designs, colours and hardware

Air-tight seals to help keep out sound, dust, temperature and air pollution. Monsoon track for heavy rains, and hurricane bars for high speed winds.

Multi-point lock for enchained safety.

French Door

french window


French door a set of casement windows that will reach towards the floors, opens in the centre, and it is put into an exterior wall it an also be paired with other window types to creata unique style statement.


Complete opening, no middle section disturbance.

Special design with multi chamber for enhancing hermal and sound insulation.

Improved structure power by widen metal reinforcement chamber dimensions.

Fixed and open up in a position choosing managed to get simple option for homeowners.

Lift And Slide Doors

arch window


A Significantly Sought-after selection for covering significant spans that link inside of with outside. These stunning looking doors glide backwards and forwards on feather touched rollers, with very little efforts, and supply rich panoramic views through its extensive glass window panes which come with out ant dividers. incredibly smooth to control, Lift And Slip enables seamless integration of just living or workplace in to the surrounding nature, with very little barrier, providing you with sense of incredibly wide spaces.


Modern And Classy.

Easy Effortless operations.

Larges glass window panes with out dividers for neat and clear view.

Room looks much more spacious and larger.

Particularly reduced doors ill for problem free connection facing outward.

Larges scale glazing enables sufficient light and brighten up the room.

Slide And Fold Doors

till turn window


Absolutely nothing look or works more effectively in rooms looking over landscapes and balconies. This latest technology doors, created for large opening, joins ,ultiplesashes within a exclusive slide and fold mechanism. The sashes move in either direction (left or right) and can be stacked at either finish. It may open up from wall to wall for maximum unobstructed opening facing outward, or open up patty for air flow and access. When closed it is very secured and covered, and happens across as beautiful walls of door panels.


Modern and elegance with superb aesthetics.

Offers up expensive opportunities.

Smooth to operate.

Fusions welds structures and sash for durability and strength.

Excellent insulation towards sound, rain, dust and pollution.

Superb energy and traditional acoustic insulation.

Multi-point locking for protection.

Low maintenance.

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